Help Popbitch!

Earlier today infamous entertainment gossip service Popbitch put out a plea for donations.

For the uninitiated, Popbitch is a must-read for anyone who wants to know what is actually going on in media and entertainment. Their sources tend to be well-guarded but well-placed industry and law insiders, as well as contributors to their unarchived message board (to stave off trawling litigants, you see?)

However, they have had more celeb lawyers trying to shut them and their weekly email blasts up in the last six months than they have in the past three years, so need some help. (There is also the expensive threat of cyber attackers, but I’m interested in the law aspect, naturally).

Popbitch has around 350,000 subscribers – one would hope some of those enjoying the service for free can dig into their pockets/PayPal accounts.

I genuinely look forward to the Popbitch email newsletter arriving in my inbox every Thursday and will most certainly be making a donation to help them keep their service going.



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