Niall Horan pursues legal action over tabloid drug story

A UK judge is allowing a libel case against the Daily Star launched by One Direction’s Niall Horan to proceed further.

Horan’s action relates to an article published by the British tabloid newspaper back in July which implied that the boy band singer, alongside Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson, had spent a night taking drugs together (note the alleged suspicious yellow pipe in the picture below).

niall horan drugs daily star

Niall’s legal team have decided to pursue a libel case against this particular story as references to the ‘Perfect’ star “staring blankly” alongside allusions to the TV show ‘Breaking Bad’ implied that the Daily Star were trying to lead readers to infer use of hard drugs.

Judge James Dingemans agreed that the newspaper story was capable of bearing the defamation that Horan’s team have alleged. The judge refused to dismiss the case as requested by the Daily Star.

The next stage of the legal process will either see the case proceeding to a court hearing or the paper may seek to settle.

**This story was originally written by yours truly for Press Party** 


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