Taylor Swift faces multi-million dollar lawsuit over copied lyrics 

taylor swift shake it off copied lyrics lawsuit

Taylor Swift has been hit with legal action from R&B singer Jesse Graham who is claiming ‘Shake It Off’ rips off one of his compositions.

Graham is suing Swift for $42 million due to the lyrical similarities between his 2013 song ‘Haters Gone Hate’ and her 2014 single ‘Shake It Off’.

Graham originally requested to be named as a writer on ‘Shake It Off’, but since being denied a credit by Swift’s team he is now seeking substantial compensation.

Speaking to NY Daily News, Jesse Graham said of Taylor’s song: “Her hook is the same as mine. If I didn’t write ‘Haters Gone Hate’, there wouldn’t be a song called ‘Shake It Off’. At first I was going to let it go, but this song is my song all the way.”

In his legal claim, Graham argues that there is “no way” Taylor Swift could have written the chorus lyrics for ‘Shake It Off’ independently of his ‘Haters Gone Hate’.

Listen to both tracks in question below:


4 thoughts on “Taylor Swift faces multi-million dollar lawsuit over copied lyrics 

  1. Evan J Collyer says:

    Has there been any developments in this case? The chorus, comprising of two lines of lyric, is the same but it should be interesting as to whether or not Swift pays him to go away or takes this all the way through the system.


    1. blurredlineslaw says:

      No developments yet.

      I can’t see this claim going anywhere. Swift’s legal team are pretty fierce and it will be very difficult to prove Swift has ever heard Jesse Graham’s song let alone been influenced by it.

      Also, I can think of at least one other song with the exact same lyrics in question – 3LW ‘Playas Gon’ Play’ (and indeed haters gon’ hate).

      I’ll keep you updated on any more news about this case. Thanks for reading. BLL


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