Jay Z ‘Big Pimpin” copyright case dismissed

jay z big pimpin trial

Jay Z and Timbaland will face no further legal action over a claim that the pair did not get permission to use a flute sample on the rapper’s 1999 hit single ‘Big Pimpin”.

Jay Z and the producer paid $100,000 to EMI Arabia in 2011 to clear the rights for the use of seven notes by Baligh Hamdi from a composition titled ‘Koshara Khosara’ that features on ‘Big Pimpin”.

Nephew and heir to the Egyptian artist, Osama Ahmed Fahmy, brought a claim against the pair alleging that they had not requested nor been granted permission to combine a sample of his uncle’s music with their “vulgar” rap lyrics.

Fahmy dismissed the payment for clearance of the sample as irrelevant and believed that the rapper should have sought consent before alterting his uncle’s music.

However a Los Angeles district judge, Christina Snyder, dismissed the lawsuit on October 21.

Following the ruling Jay Z’s lawyer, Andrew Bart, stated: “My client is pleased and gratified by the decision.”

Mr Fahmey plans to appeal against the ruling and to continue with the legal proceedings he first began back in 2007.

Listen to ‘Big Pimpin” below:


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