How much money do brands spend on product placement in music?

lady gaga miracle whip product placement

The Atlantic have put together some highly interesting infographics on the correlation between falling music sales and the rise of paid-for product placements in song lyrics and videos alike. (Can you even remember the last time you watched a high budget video that didn’t feature a Beats product?)

These facts are taken from The Atlantic story “How To Make Money In Music”:

  • The new millennium has seen a sharp increase in brand references in the top 30 Billboard songs: 109 times in 2012 — ­compared with just 47 times in 2002 and zero in 1962.
  • According to one estimate, revenues from product placement deals in the music industry — for both lyrical and video promotions — nearly quadrupled between 2004 and 2014.
  • According to Adam Kluger, the CEO of the Kluger Agency, which specializes in lyrical product placements, a shout-out to a brand in a top single “can easily offset the entire production and marketing budget” for the song.

Check out the full story


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