10cc’s Graham Gouldman advocates limiting number of credited songwriters

graham goldman 10cc bmi icon award

10cc musician and songwriter Graham Gouldman has spoken out against excessive numbers of people credited for writing songs.

Ahead of receiving the BMI Icon Award next week, the ‘Not In Love’ composer is backing a proposal by the British Academy Of Songwriters Composers & Authors to limit a song’s number of writers to six.

Explaining his reasons for supporting BASCA, Gouldman said: “It’s got ridiculous now you’ve got ten people receiving an award… Historically, songwriting partnerships have been between two people. Sometimes within 10cc we would switch writing partners… Now the drum programmer wants to get a credit for creating the drum part. There are bands I know who divide each song into bars and someone says, ‘I created five bars and they are repeated three times so that’s 15 bars’. Someone might say that their ten per cent is the most hooky part of the song. It’s impossible to quantify these contributions.”

Paul Gambaccini – the Ivor Novello Awards host – is also an advocate of the idea.

Citing the recent example of The Gap Band being added to writing credits for ‘Uptown Funk’ so as to avoid legal action over the song’s similarity to ‘Oops Up Side Your Head’, Gambaccini commented:

“If ‘Uptown Funk’ is submitted then the publishers will have to decide which six writers are the most prominent. That may not include The Gap Band, who were added to the credits later. The rules had to change because someone got an award for a 1% contribution, which was ridiculous.”

Find out how the royalties are split between the 11 (!) credited writers of ‘Uptown Funk’ HERE.


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